Case Studies

Improve Tradeshow Presence

Our client was seeking to improve their tradeshow presence beyond traditional exhibit booth design with lackluster branding opportunities. Biggest challenge, engagement and dwell time. Opportunity to offer ideas and approaches for booth strategies, showcasing the portfolio, drive engagements and excitement through an innovative presence and experience with the goal of attracting new customers.

Frictionless conducted a comprehensive assessment of their exhibit booth and congress activities at a medical meeting. Designed solution that provided clarity to their presence, story, and value, with a surgical precision to optimize the customer experience and its effectiveness. Booth design was flexible for maximum efficiency, offering large-scale branding, spotlighting latest innovations, showcasing the depth and breadth of products and immersing the audience to discover what made them unique and special.

Frictionless helped our client stand out amongst the more than 300 industry-leading exhibitors.
Increased dwell time by 45% from the previous year.
Exceeded visitor’s goal for augmented really experience by 50%
More than 50% of booth visitors returned to the booth on multiple days.

Increase Customer Access

The client wanted to create a meeting to better educate their current customers while having the opportunity for their sales team to spend quality time with the HCPs to further build their relationships. The meeting is attended by HCPs traveling from across the country, sales team, and a panel of KOL Speakers. The meeting is replicated regionally across the country and conducted 4-6 times a year.
Venue sourcing, logistics, speaker management, onsite venue management, and compliance reporting were providing to be more than the marketing team could handle on their own.

Frictionless was selected as the meeting management partner for the series of client user meetings. A team of meeting planning professionals were able to take the vision of the marketing team and produce high quality, well attended, and pharma compliant meetings. Frictionless implemented a registration process which alleviated the use of spreadsheets. We also established business rules and managed the logistic vendors. The onsite support by Frictionless at each meeting was invaluable to the internal marketing team.

  • Client increased access to key existing customers through series of Weekend Events across products portfolios by 400%
  • Through strategic planning, implementation and management by Frictionless, client stakeholders were able to focus on upselling activities and stronger customer relationships.
  • Through internal client transitions, consistency of program quality was maintained by Frictionless including direct comment from project owner: “Once you get on site, you don’t have to do anything, as Frictionless takes care of everything!”

Configurable Lead Capture System

Client was not satisfied with the amount of money and resources applied to their lead retrieval equipment rentals for their congress/conferences. The client expressed frustrations regarding pricing, quality of leads, and the inconsistencies from meeting to meeting.

Frictionless was able to step in and alleviate two significant issues by building a global lead retrieval tool in which the client can use across all their entire meeting/event portfolio. This satisfied the need to rent equipment every show and provided consistency from meeting to meeting. Frictionless worked closely with the Marketing Ops, Procurement, and Leadership teams to configure a robust lead retrieval tool designed specifically to meet their internal ROI/ROO measures. This was accomplished by providing features such as qualifying surveys, follow up emails with attached marketing materials, zip to territory, and real time reporting.

The client has used the tool for consecutive annual meetings. They are preparing to use the lead capture tool across all marketing events. Significant savings have been found by not having to rent equipment every show at inflated and fixed prices. The consistency of post-conference reports was appreciated by the marketing team by saving time and effort. The Leadership team found value in the clear and concise reporting which leads to more accurate ROI/ROO evaluations.

Software Solution for Exhibit Booth

The client was seeking a solution for sending medical images direct to the HCP on the trade show floor. They were featuring a product line at an annual conference and wanted to demo the product throughout the trade show. Due to the nature of the trade show environment, they did not feel like the HCP would be willing to wait for the images to print. In the past, most HCPs would take a picture of the image on their device, but this was not ideal as it did not represent the capabilities of the client’s product.

Frictionless was able to develop a system to communicate with the client’s product to send the images in a secured email attachment immediately after the image was taken. The research/discovery process was the most time consuming in developing the system because the product was unfamiliar. Frictionless worked with developers on the product side to execute and eventually perfect the system.

The system was utilized throughout their largest annual conference. The field reps were able to demo the product more than any prior show due to the fact the system saved time by not having to print the images. This also eliminated the need for HCP to take pictures of the screen with images which alleviated the concern of the product’s integrity.



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